• George Antheil
  • A Jazz Symphony (1955 version) (1955)

  • Weintraub Music (World)
  • 1030/0330/perc/pf/str
  • 6 min 30 s
    • 20th August 2022, Rachel M. Schlesinger Concert Hall, Alexandria , VA, United States of America
    • 7th October 2022, Alys Stevens Center, Birmingham , AL, United States of America
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Programme Note

Antheil’s Jazz Symphony was composed in 1925 on a commission from Paul Whiteman and premiered at Carnegie Hall in 1927.

Quoting Joplin and Stravinsky and calling upon the trumpeter to employ "all the tricks of the trade," Antheil creates a wholly original and inimitable musical score that once and for all marries jazz to the concert orchestra. Virtuosic piano solos look ahead to the post-bebop "free" jazz of the 60s.