• Andy Pape
  • Sigurd Dragedræber (2005)
    (Sigurd the Dragon Slayer)

  • Edition Wilhelm Hansen Copenhagen (World)
  • cl(bcl)/perc/pf/vc
  • Soprano, Tenor, Bass, Bass Baritone
  • 50 min
  • Bent Nørgaard
  • Danish, English, German

Programme Note


Sigurd – A boy who lives with the smith Regin in a desolate forest. Sigurd believes that Regin is his father.
Regin – A smith who has brought up the boy Sigurd as his son. Sigurd’s real parents are the Volsung warrior Sigmund, who dies in battle, and Siglinde, who died when she gave birth to Sigurd in Regin’s house.
The Raven – One of Odin’s Ravens, sent to watch and guide Sigurd, and to help him discover his true origins.
Fafner – The brother of Regin, who lives on the Gnita Heath, and has stolen all the family gold. Fafner’s greed has transformed him into a fire-fire-breathing dragon.


Sigurd was raised in the forest by Regin the Smith. Regin owns Sigmund's broken sword - the mightiest sword of all when whole and wielded by the right hand. A raven helps Sigurd understand that Regin is not his real father. The boy challenges him and is victorious; Regin tells Sigurd about his parents, Sigmund and Siglinde and about Fafner, a dragon that guards a hoard of gold. Regin promises to repair the sword for Sigurd to use, but also mixes a poisonous drink - he has no intention of sharing the gold with his foster child. At the gate to Fafner's stronghold Sigurd enters into the match of his life...