• Per Nørgård
  • Jeg hører regnen (1992)
    (I Hear the Rain)

  • Edition Wilhelm Hansen Copenhagen (World)

"Jeg hører regnen" (English version: I hear the rain") with text by Micahel Strunge is a later, shorter, version of the original choral work "Regn Nat" (text: Michael Strunge). Note: These pieces are not related to "Mens regnen falder" ("While The Rain Is Falling") with text in Danish by Vagn Lundbye.

  • perc
  • SATB chor ( including 2 perc. - from the choir)
  • 6 min

Programme Note

JEG HØRER REGNEN (I HEAR THE RAIN) (1992) for mixed choir including percussion (finger snap)

This choral piece, inspired by water and sea, was composed in 1989 (with the Danish title “Regn nat” – Rain night) for Vocal group Ars Nova, for the ensemble´s 10 years anniversary, and is dedicated to Ivan Hansen. The later, shorter and more mobile, version from 1992, titled “I hear the rain” (“Jeg hører regnen”), has become the preferred version for concert performance..

On a journey in 1983 I was fascinated by the roar of sound on a beach by the Indian Ocean. After a few days he heard a persistent, very low G note, and the surf seemed to created wave-like overtone melodies, one of which stuck in the composers ear, mixed with the contrasting, percussive play of rolling pebbles. The inspiration resulted in the sinfonietta work “Prelude to Breaking” and to this choral piece – with a text, about water, by the Danish poet Michael Strunge (1958-1986). Over the nature music of “Regn Nat” contrasting voices of interwoven, chromatic note-streams drizzle down – to Strunge´s darkle metropolitan gaze at the rain, experienced through a city window.

The English version of “Jeg hører regnen” is from 1998.

Per Nørgård


Jeg horer regnen (I hear the rain)