• Karl Aage Rasmussen
  • Løven, Musen, Den Store Elefant og Jens Pismyre (1997)
    (Lion, the Mouse)

  • Edition Wilhelm Hansen Copenhagen (World)
  • Narrator
  • 35 min

Programme Note

Karl Aage Rasmussen – The Lion, The Mouse, The Big Elephant and Jens the Pismire

The story
In the 1950’s Asger Jorn made a little storybook with text and illustrations for hus son Troels. He called it “The hungry lion, the happy elephant, the little mouse and Jens the Pismire”. It is a funny, wild and crazy story about how the animals in Africa get along with each other.

The music
In 1997 the composer Karl Aage Rasmussen set music to the tale. The music is composed in such a way that the different animals of the story are represented by different instruments. For instance, the hungry lion is a trombone, the elephant is a bassoon, the mouse is a flute, the giraffe is a double bass and the naughty Jens Pismire is a trumpet.