• 16 min

Programme Note

My HYMNE, composed in 1995-96, is in two movements. In the first movement the chords are left hanging in the air for at long time, vibrating, almost like a taste which we take time to savour. They are then wound up by removing the notes one by one, a principle which is characteristic of the whole piece and which gives insight into the structure of the chords.
The movement serves as an intonation or an introduction to the musical material which is used later on and thus elaborated.

The second movement begins almost in a classic way with a vigorous masculine outburst which is supplanted by something feminine and softly rocking.This juxtaposition of the powerful and the gentle is replaced during the movement by the simultaneous appearance of the powerful and gentle.The rhapsodic and emotionally unsteady is, however, kept in check by the limitations of the musical material.

HYMNE was commissioned by the Nash Ensemble and was composed with support from the Danish State Art Foundation.

Anders Nordentoft