• 12 min

Programme Note

The orchestral work BORN was commissioned in 1986 by the Amnesty International for a performance at their 25th anniversary.

In relation to the work of Amnesty for the human rights all over the world certain unspoken questions are raised when considering the work's title 'Born' - a word that would normally evoke positive feeling does, in this instance, conjure darker thoughts: 'Born for what?', 'Born into which political system?', 'When born what opportunities are open to you?'. Such questions cannot , of course, be expressed literally in the music, but they can be seen as an inspiration for a 'struggling' music out of which rays of hope and redemption can be raised. Perhaps the piece tries to express quite simply that behind any conflict there is a hope or a dream.

Any work composed without other limitations than those demanded by the compositional process itself, can be considered an homage to Amnesty International. The only moral obligation one realle has as a composer is, I believe, to take advantage of the possibility to express oneself in a free way.

Anders Nordentoft