• Vagn Holmboe
  • Symfoni nr. 8, 'Sinfonia Boreale', Op. 56 (1952)
    (Symphony no. 8, 'Sinfonia Boreale')

  • Edition Wilhelm Hansen Copenhagen (World)
  • 3(pic)3(ca)3(bcl)2+cbn/4331/timp.3perc/str
  • 35 min

Programme Note

It is an expansive statement that Vagn Holmboe has placed in the subtitle of this work, "Sinfonia boreale" - Northern Symphony. So saying, he has not only declared himself geographically. He has also acknowledged a climate, a mentality and a tradition. There lie both a humility and a self-esteem in such a declaration. Through this title he affirms his heritage and breed and he calls down upon himself the names of his fathers: Sibelius and Carl Nielsen. But he does so with the awareness that also he and his generation have their unmistakable contribution to give.

His symphonic creativity reached a conclusion i 1951 with the Eighth Symphony, which was first performed two years later by the Danish Radio Symphony Orchestra under Paul Klecki.

Text: Robert Naur 1967