• Percussion
  • 35 min

Programme Note

TRIPTYKON is inspired by the visual arts (a triptych is a painting on three panels, hinged side by side – for instance an altarpiece).

The three movements of TRIPTYKON are composed in an effort to create clear contrasts of colour. The first movement employs only winds in the orchestra, the second movement only strings, and in the third movement the first two movements are repeated, on top of each other, played simultaneously. The percussion solo part has equally distinct colours: for the first movement: metal only, for the second movement: wood only, and then finally in the third movement – together with the orchestral tutti – skin!

Other distinct features in TRIPTYKON are block-like dispositions, polyrhytmic layers and simplicity of tonal colours. The often crude articulation of motifs and the frequent use of repetition lend a ritual character to the music.

TRIPTYKON was composed in close collaboration with percussionist Gert Mortensen and the work is dedicated to him.

Pelle Gudmundsen-Holmgreen


Triptykon: I. First Movement
Triptykon: II. Second Movement
Triptykon: III. Third Movement


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