• 13 min

Programme Note

Tricolore I and IV were written in the sixties. It was an emotionally moving decade which also resulted in a lack of movement – in some compositions. The ‘static’ music was a new phenomenon inspired by concrete poetry and art. The Tricolore-series is deeply indebted to a large stripe painting by Danish artist Poul Gernes. The painting was exhibited on the no longer existing staircase of the Charlottenborg Exhibition Hall in Copenhagen alongside Hans Jørgens Nielsen’s short, circling poems.

The material is scarce in the Tricolore-pieces – most of the music is notated on only three lines! However, the music is written for large orchestra and only has a certain length (the pieces are not long enough in my opinion). Blocks of sound turn and illuminate each other – quite like mobiles. I have named it ‘sculptural minimalism’. As a curiosity I would also like to mention that Tricolore I is the first Danish orchestral work completely based on the golden ratio.

Pelle Gudmundsen-Holmgreen


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