• Karsten Fundal
  • Zoom - Figure and Ground-study III (1997)

  • Edition Wilhelm Hansen Copenhagen (World)
  • 5 min

Programme Note

The long title refers to three important features of the composition. The method is simple but the result is complex Zoom referrers to the fundamental idea of the piece which is a musical parallel to visual computer animated sequences often seen on MTV for instance. In this particular computer animation style, an image is seen in which a detail is suddenly or gradually "zoomed" in on, and this detail turns out to bee the next image of the sequence, in which a new detail is zoomed in on, and so forth. All preferably in an staggering high tempo, with a dizzling result, as if one self is being sucked or "zoomed" into the sequence..........

Inverted orders refers to a phenomenon, which is easiest described by imagining a flat piece of moulding wax made up of many thin layers in different colors. This piece is now folded and then hammered untill it has the same thickness as initially. This process is then carried out over and over. If one after a large number of foldings, then makes a cross section of the piece it will then show a complicated pattern of colors, but with an obvious relation to the initial state of order. This principle is found manywhere in nature, especially when looking at the way simple biological structures build up, through evolution, to complex living beings like the human being.

Figure and ground, refers to the compositional technique I use in to make a musical version of the above described process. It is a technique I use in several other pieces, in which a scale is the base of which I pick out certain notes after a chosen pattern. Then the picked out tones becomes the new ground scale. And new tones are picked out of this scale after the same pattern, and so forth. Again this result after a while in a situation much more complicated than the initial state, but with obvious traces of the first scale. If the intervals, when reaching a certain level, are reduced to minimum, the start making varied, both in rhythm and intervals.

Zoom was premiered by and written for Storstrøms Kammerensemble and is recorded on Dacapo by Athelas sinfonietta copenhagen

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