• Per Nørgård
  • Libra (tenor/guitar-version) (1973)

  • Edition Wilhelm Hansen Copenhagen (World)
  • gtr
  • Tenor
  • 12 min
  • Rudolf Steiner & David the Psalmist

Programme Note

LIBRA was originally a commission-work for guitar, but during the compositional process a vocal part was liberated from the musical material, a part that could be provided with words from the Rudolf Steiner´s poem “Libra”. Gradually two choruses and ten movements were created around this part and texts from David´s Psalms were added.

LIBRA is a characteristic work in the row of the composer´s “hierarchical music” works: Slow and rapid versions of the same melodies, series of accords are coupled in continuously new constellations but always based in harmony, as expressed in Steiners poem “Die Welt erhaltet welten (“The world contains worlds”). David Psalms (sung in German) are also included in the work.

From this, one hour long, integral version it is possible, from the score, to design other versions for other instrument combinations and of shorter duration.

The version for Tenor and Guitar (dedicated to Ingolf Olsen) has 5 movements, including three for guitar solo. In the vocal movements the tenor sings and elaborates, quasi improvisando, the song to the poem “Die Welt erhaltet Welten… O Welten, traget Welten”

Per Nørgård

1. Preludio (Guitar solo)
2. Aria: Die Welt erhalten welten (Tenor, Guitar)
3. Interludio (Guitar solo)
4. O Welten, traget Welten (Tenor, Guitar)
5. Postludio (Guitar solo)