• Per Nørgård
  • Energy Fields Forever (1986)

  • Edition Wilhelm Hansen Copenhagen (World)

Alternative earlier version: "Clima 2000: Energy Free" (for 6 iron pipes)

  • perc
  • 19 min

Programme Note

"Energy fields forever" is like a journey among three independent musical universes, each with its special laws and conditions. In operating with three musical strata (tonally and metrically different and quite without rhythmic congruence) the music seems to abandon linear perspective. Sometimes the composer chooses to let one of the strata dominate, or weaves notes from different strata into new boundary-crossing melodies and motifs. Often it is up to the listener to choose the foreground and background of the music.

Finally Nørgård quotes a simple waltz tune from his opera "The Divine Circus” (1982) as the basis of a kaleidoscopic, three coloured fabric of tones.

The tension between the simple melody and the ambivalent polyphony experienced at the end of the work points back wonderfully to a vision of my boyhood years, the presentiment of “a music that arose out of a single melody that rushed around through all the instruments of the orchestra”.

Energy Fields Forever was composed for – and in collaboration with – Gert Sørensen

Per Nørgård (1995)