• Vagn Holmboe
  • Prelude to the Pollution of Nature, Op. 180 (1989)

  • Edition Wilhelm Hansen Copenhagen (World)
  • 9 min

Programme Note

To the Pollution of Nature is the seventh of the ten preludes for sinfonietta composed by Vagn Holmboe in the period 1986-1991.

Only two of the preludes do not have titles that refer to untouched natural phenomena - No.8 To the Victoria Embankment, and the present one. But whereas the Victoria-prelude obviously refers to a piece of architecture, to civilization in a postiive sense, No.7 here points directly to the destruction of nature. The prelude is utterly different in character from the other nine preludes. The churning insistence in the string parts in particular is unlike anything one has heard in any of the other preludes, and although there are points of rest along the way - among other things in the shape of a crisp passage for woodwinds alone - the march towards the brutal climax of the end is inexorable.

Jakob Levinsen



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