• Per Nørgård
  • Unendlicher Empfang (1997)

  • Edition Wilhelm Hansen Copenhagen (World)
  • 2pf
  • 12 min

Programme Note

UNENDLICHER EMPFANG (Endless Receptivity) for 2 pianos was composed in 1997 as a commission from the Warsaw Spring Festival, where it was given its first performance on 24.9.1998.

The title is a quotation from one of Rainer Maria Rilke’s Orpheus Sonnets - about the flower calyx that opens up at dawn, infinitely receptive to the polyphonic sunlight.The connection between this image and my music is related to the cumulative character of the work: the continuous development of melodic and rhythmic figures does not prevent their maintenance and recurrence - so the 16-minute playing time becomes a kind of echo chamber for infinite receptivity.

Per Nørgård


Unendlicher Empfang