• Karsten Fundal
  • Möbius III (2002)

  • Edition Wilhelm Hansen Copenhagen (World)
  • sx, perc
  • 8 min

Programme Note

The whole Möbius series consists so far of four pieces: a marimba solo, an organ solo, a saxophone and vibraphone piece and one for saxophone quartet and percussion.
All these pieces are based on a musical ‘string’ which (almost like a kind of musical DNA string) consists of a pattern of interwoven notes.

The form can also be compared to a musical version of a Möbius strip. (A Möbius strip is the result when one for example takes a strip of paper and pastes it together in a ring, but such that the front of one end is stuck to the back of the other end. Then when one cuts the strip lengthwise a whole series of chains inside one another arises.)

In my pattern of notes the various lines are mirror-images and reversals of one another played simultaneously so that a strange symmetrical form arises.

But the properties of the basic form can be spread out and one can extract other forms from the basic pattern, such that new similar forms arise which will however always remain interlinked. Thus the comparison to the Möbius strip which continues to form chains one within another.

In all the pieces I draw something different out of the basic pattern. One could say that the extract I choose to start with determines how the remainder of the piece will develop.
My first choice forces me to make certain other choices at a later juncture, for musical reasons. Thus my idea was to make a series of pieces that all start identically but all take widely different directions.

- Karsten Fundal