• Karsten Fundal
  • Circadian Pulse (2003)

  • Edition Wilhelm Hansen Copenhagen (World)

Composed for Cikada Ensemble

  • 1(pic)(afl).0.1(bcl).
  • 10 min

Programme Note

For Ensemble: Flute, Clarinet, Percussion, Pianoforte and String quintet

Written For Cikada ensemble Norway 2003

The Title of the piece is referring to the phenomenon of the cyclic rhythm of any living organism. It seems to be a day, night and year rhythm, related to the rhythm of the sun and seasons, but not precisely that.Therefore the word circadian, referring to the word circa.
(If a living creature is isolated from the sun, it will still persist a day and night rhythm, but it is gradually going out of fase with the earth day and night rhythm)

In this piece I am very preoccupied with ticking tyrhms, which are almost syncrone but not quite. So all the time pulses are heard which are almost in the same tempo, but has a descripancy, and the resulting interference patterns gives rise to the whole development the piece and new musical lines. The piece start from two different points, which moves towards the each other, and when they meet thay are exactly juxtaposed in pulse,, which results in this very swift moving outbursts. This process happens several times during the piece.

If one can imagine, a similar process is happening to the pitches: A seemingly unison is not precisely one, and that gives rise to a whole growth of tones and melodies. It is a little more hard to imagine and is related to some fractal kind of thinking, like the Feigenbaum tree; a space is never just a space but always made up of smaller spaces, and a border is never just a border but can always be broken down into smaller fragments.

Of course there is also an association in the title with the ticking character of the piece, which is somewhat liking to the cicades singing in the hot countries, also going in and out of fases with each others rhythm, and therefore a close relation to the ensemble Cikada too, which the piece is written for. In a way everything seems to be in a sympathetic pulsation/vibration throughout the whole universe, a kind of pulsating inspiration, or a reverberation running through the universe all the time, from the smallest to the largest scale. That is a wonderful thought, I think, and maybe the reason why we find cicades song so fascinating and affecting.

- Karsten Fundal, 2003

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