Margaret Laurie

  • SATB
  • 5 Sopranos, Countertenor, Tenor, 4 Basses
  • 1 hr 40 min

Programme Note


Arthur, king of the Britons and Oswald, Saxon king of Kent, are rivals for the hand of Emmeline, the blind daughter of the Duke of Cornwall. Already ten bloody battles have been fought and the Saxons have been driven back. The decisive conflict is about to be launched when Emmeline and her attendant Matilda are captured by Oswald. Arthur, having resisted the temptations of two sirens, captures the spirit Grimbald and breaks the enchantments that are set against him. In the last act the opposing armies fight: Arthur meets Oswald in hand-to-hand conflict and, disarming him, offers him his freedom. Emmeline (whose sight has been restored) and Arthur are united. Merlin banishes the winds and Britain’s island rises from the sea.