• Bent Sørensen
  • Alman (1984)
    (String Quartet no. 1)

  • Edition Wilhelm Hansen Copenhagen (World)
  • str4tet
  • 14 min

Programme Note

In Alman, which consists of 3 movements, it is the dynamic waves that are making the form. Constantly something is created, sheltered by these waves, things are hidden or are having their own expression. In this light the first movement can be seen as a big curve, and the second movement as a mosaic. In the manic last movement, the music is whipped against climax. This movement is supported by a quotation of the young Danish poet Michael Strunge.

The title of Alman, is the name of a dance (Fitzwilliam Virginal Book), even though this is hardly heard in my quartet.

- Bent Sørensen


String Quartet No. 1, "Alman": Alman