• Simon Holt
  • Klop's last bite (2004)

  • Chester Music Ltd (World)

Commissioned by KlaraFestival Flanders

  • piano
  • 11 min

Programme Note

In mid 2004, I came across a newspaper article about Peter Ustinov (who had died recently) and it went on to mention his father, who had been a spy during the Second World War known under the codename of Klop, which apparently means bed-bug in Russian. An idea began to work on me as I thought of this lowly creature and soon found myself inventing a scenario featuring a bedbug and a possible assailant for the irritating insect.

"Klop's last bite" began to grow of its own accord; 11 pieces in all, none of which are longer than a minute (some considerably less), appeared in quick succession. The scenario involves a mad flea and a fight to the death between the two. The order of play is as follows:

Enter Klop
Klop bides his time
Klop waits and waits
Klop falls asleep and dreams of warm blood
the mad flea
Klop awakes to an attack
Klop takes a bite
Klop victorious
Klop has delusions of grandeur
the mad flea exacts revenge
Klop's dead

The piece is a kind of insect snuff movie and lasts approximately 10 minutes.


Klop's Last Bite: No. 3. Klop waits and waits
Klop's Last Bite: No. 1. Enter Klop
Klop's Last Bite: No. 2. Klop bides his time


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