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  • 2222/2220/timp.perc/
  • narrator
  • 25 min

Programme Note

Film Synopsis

Wilde’s acid wit explores the nature of friendship and society within a darker children’s tale. The Fairy Tale of the Devoted Friend tells the story of a wealthy miller and a poor man called Liam. Liam, a man devoted to his garden, sees the miller pass by every day and the two men discuss friendship. The miller is an educated man and Liam is in awe of his big words. When the winter comes, Liam suffers severe financial hardships, but the miller believes it is better to leave his “friend” alone until the Spring comes.

When the Spring comes the two men talk about the winter and Liam confesses that he had to sell most of his possessions – including the vital wheelbarrow he needs for his garden. The miller offers his broken wheelbarrow which Liam can fix. Unfortunately, the plank of wood which Liam needs to fix it is exactly what the miller needs to fix his barn. Thus is set in motion a chain of events which leads tragically to Liam’s death.


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