Commissioned by the Mostar Foundation and the Jewish Music Institute

  • 1111/0230/timp.4perc/pf/str
  • SATB plus concertante SATB
  • soprano
  • 1 hr 18 min
  • Melanie Challenger (compiled and translated)
  • English

Programme Note

Annelies is the first adaptation of the diary of Anne Frank into a large-scale choral work. It brings to life the diary written by Annelies Marie Frank between 1942 and 1944 when she and her family hid in the back of an Amsterdam warehouse. From the windows, Anne looked up to the beauty of the sky, and downwards to the brutality meted out by the Nazis. The contrasting sights inspired some of the most profound and memorable thoughts in an extraordinary diary, read by millions of people throughout the world.


Annelies (chamber version): I. Introit - Prelude
Annelies (chamber version): II. The capture foretold
Annelies (chamber version): III. The plan to go into hiding
Annelies (chamber version): IV. The last night at home and arrival at the Annexe
Annelies (chamber version): V. Life in hiding
Annelies (chamber version): VI. Courage
Annelies (chamber version): VII. Fear of capture and the second break-in
Annelies (chamber version): VIII. Kyrie - Sinfonia (Help us, rescue us from this hell)
Annelies (chamber version): IX. The dream
Annelies (chamber version): X. Devastation of the outside world
Annelies (chamber version): XI. Passing of time
Annelies (chamber version): XII. The hope of liberation and a spring awakening
Annelies (chamber version): XIII. The capture and the concentration camp
Annelies (chamber version): XIV. Anne's meditation