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  • 1(pic,afl)02(2bcl,Ebcl)0/1000/perc/,hpd,org)/gtr(Electric Bass Guitar)/str(
  • 2 Baritones, Bass, Contralto, Soprano, 3 Tenors
  • 1 hr 15 min
  • Libretto (English) by Tom Phillips after the novella by Joseph Conrad
  • English

Programme Note


~ MARLOW (tenor): an old seafarer who tells of his early employ as the captain of a steamboat on an expedition to Central Africa
~ THE THAMES CAPTAIN (baritone): a captain of a ship moored in the Thames Estuary, and witness to Marlow’s tale
~ THE COMPANY SECRETARY (tenor): based at the Company’s headquarters in Europe
~ THE DOCTOR (baritone): also based at the Company’s headquarters
~ THE ACCOUNTANT (tenor): the Company’s chief accountant, based at an outer trading station
~ THE MANAGER (tenor): a Company manager, in charge of Marlow’s expedition
~ THE BOILERMAKER (baritone): based at the central trading station
~ THE HELMSMAN (tenor): on Marlow’s steamboat
~ KURTZ (bass): an ivory trader
~ THE HARLEQUIN (tenor): in Kurtz’s entourage
~ THE RIVER WOMAN (soprano): also in Kurtz’s entourage
~ THE FIANCÉE (soprano): Kurtz’s fiancée in Europe


Marlow, a sea captain, tells the tale of his journey up-river in the equatorial forest to find Kurtz, the once idealistic ivory trader who is rumoured to have developed his remote station into a barbaric fiefdom. This god-like warlord is however, when discovered, a dying husk. Marlow is witness to his end, which he is committed to give an account of to Kurtz’s fiancée on his return. He cannot tell her the truth.


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