Commissioned by Mrs Jane Dutcher

  • 2(afl).1+ca.2(bcl).2(cbn)/4220/3perc/pf/str(
  • cello
  • 20 min

Programme Note

The title, Urban Prayer, suggests prayer of people in current times reflecting the tension and anxiety of our life today. In previous works, The Song of Songs and Guardian Angel, I also used Biblical references. I grew up in Protestant schools in Tokyo, where I enjoyed singing hymns and playing the organ every day. Currently I serve as an organist at St. Michael and All Angels Church in Santa Barbara every Sunday morning. St. Michael and All Angels Church is truly a powerful and special place for me, and Urban Prayer was inspired by the spirit of Christianity and the prayers and hymns that I have experienced there. Urban Prayer was written for Joan Jeanrenaud and it is dedicated to Joan and her mother, Jane Dutcher. When I was composing this piece, the sound of Joan’s cello and her interpretation were always in my mind.