• John McCabe
  • Canto for Guitar (1968)

  • Novello & Co Ltd (World)

Commissioned for the 1968 Cardiff Festival

  • Guitar
  • 7 min

Programme Note

This work was commissioned for the Cardiff Festival of Twentieth Century Music, and first performed by William Gomez at the 1968 Festival.

It is in five sections. The opening and closing parts, an introduction and coda respectively, are very brief, the introduction serving to set the mood of the work and to introduce most of the thematic material, and the coda serving to bring the music back to the opening mood and to recall, as if in confused memory, events from the previous movements.

The main body of the work is provided by the two quicker, more rhythmic movements which frame the central Lento, which has the subtitle Serenade. In this section, snatches of a serenade and a lament are heard, as if wafted to the listener on an evening breeze, though neither tune is heard in its entirety.

© 1991 by John McCabe