• Benedict Mason
  • String Quartet No.2 (1993)

  • Chester Music Ltd (World)

Commissioned by La Ministère de la Culture, France

  • String Quartet
  • 20 min

Programme Note

String Quartet No 2 (1993) Benedict Mason
Duration 20'
Commissioned by Musica, Strasbourg for the Arditti Quartet.
Premiere performance 23 September 1993, Strasbourg

The six short movements of this quartet can be described as follows, but are not necessarily played in this order:

1) A fast, scherzo-like mechanism of terraced accelerandos
2) Quiet heterophony - col legno, vertical spiccato
3) Alla chitarra
4) Al tamburo
5) Static harmony with microtonal inflexions
6) A second scherzo, with changing metre

Benedict Mason's close association with the Arditti Quartet stems from the 1989 Huddersfield Festival when they gave the premiere of his first quartet. They subsequently recorded this work for Bridge Records.

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