For Alexander Jessiman, on the occasion of his fifth birthday, from his uncle Simon

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Programme Note

Franz Kafka describes the Odradek in his brief Fragment "Die Sorge des Hausvaters” or "The Cares of a Family man.”

This 3 second fragment can appear from out of the blue, on any occasion. It’s the mosquito in the dark hotel bedroom, that disappears the minute the light goes back on. It’s grit in your eye. It’s a spanner in the works. Its’ intention is to disrupt and annoy; ruining whatever atmosphere has been set up by the piece playing at the same time. It may be played as often or as seldom as is seen fit by the four players involved. It depends how irritating they want to be. The individual parts can be played separately, as solos or various duos and trios as well as the complete ensemble of four.
© Simon Holt, 8th October 2002