• Claudio Monteverdi and Alan Curtis
  • Il Ritorno d'Ulisse in Patria (1639)
    (The Return of Ulysses)

  • Novello & Co Ltd (World)

Alan Curtis realisation of the early Baroque opera, with a new English language translation
Alan Curtis

  • 2 cornetti/str(11211)/cont
  • SATB
  • 3 hr
  • Alan Curtis
  • G. Badoaro after Homer (It.); Anne Ridler (Eng.)
  • English, Italian

Programme Note


Penelope on Ithaca awaits the return of her husband the king, Ulysses, from the Trojan Wars. She is the prey of suitors who convince her that Ulysses is dead. Ulysses is washed ashore there half drowned from a storm invoked by Zeus. Minerva appears to him, tells him that Penelope has remained faithful and advises him to appear at his court disguised as a beggar. He alone can string the mighty bow of Ulysses there and angrily dispatches the suitors. Penelope is eventually persuaded that she is not the victim of an Olympian hoax and that Ulysses is her husband.