• Michael Nyman
  • The Draughtsman's Contract for Orchestra (2001)

  • Chester Music Ltd (World)

Commissioned by NDR Hannover Pops Event GmbH

Andy Keenan

  • 2+pic.3.2+bcl(ebcl).2/432+btbn1/hpd(amp)/str
  • 16 min
    • 31st July 2024, Theater, Magdeburg, Germany
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Programme Note

1. A Watery death
2. The garden is becoming a robe room/An eye for optical theory
3. Chasing sheep is best left to shepherds

The first feature film collaboration between Peter Greenaway and Michael Nyman, made in 1983, following a major series of short/independent films they made together - including The Falls and A
Walk through H. A draughtsman is commissioned by a landowner in the late 17th century to make 12 drawings of his property.

Every note of the score was derived from the music of Purcell and was written for the Michael Nyman Band. This concert suite, which was made in 2001 and first performed in Hanover, was specially revised for an all-Nyman concert given by the composer and the BBC Concert Orchestra at the Royal Festival Hall, London in June 2003.