Commissioned by the Safri Duo

May be performed by 2, 3 or 4 percussionists

  • 2perc
  • 4perc
  • 3 min

Programme Note

When the Safri Duo asked me to write a short opener for their concerts, I was delighted. After their awe inspiring interpretation of my first commission for them, 'Twine', I knew I could write virtually anything, and they'd do it with the utmost elegance. It's also nice every once in a while not to be so dead serious and so Wagnerian and time consuming.

I had fun writing this piece. More than being deep art, it is a game exploring togetherness and not-togetherness.

By the way: FRAP is (of course) an anglification of the French word frapper, to hit.

Programme note © 1998 Rolf Wallin


Wallin: Frap