Commissioned by the Kroumata Percussion Ensemble

  • 3333/4431/str
  • 6 Percussion
  • 25 min

Programme Note

Although the six solo parts demand a high level of virtuosity, Tides is not a regular Concerto Grosso, in which the soloists try to outshine one another on the firm fundament loyally provided by the orchestra. The group of soloists appears rather as a collective - forming three parallel intertwining streams of waves, merging into one slowly evolving motion.

The soloists, not the orchestra, carry the whole form of the piece, a strictly calculated philigrane of waves, expanding and diminishing in the course of three large "tides". On this backdrop, I have been free to treat the orchestra much more intuitively, responding to the actions of the percussion group in a multitude of ways - or not responding at all, living a life on its own.

© Rolf Wallin




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