• Simon Holt
  • Lunas Zauberschein (1979)

  • Chester Music Ltd (World)

Dedicated to Maggie McDonald and Julie Rees

  • Mezzo soprano/bass flute
  • 6 min
  • Goethe
  • German

Programme Note

This short song for mezzo-soprano and bass flute was written in January 1979, in response to the voice of Maggie McDonald who sang the first performance in a College Workshop Concert, and to the highly atmospheric poem by Goethe from which the phrase 'Lunas Zauberschein' (Luna's magic light) is taken.It is dedicated to Maggie McDonald and Julie Rees, and is approximately 6 minutes long.

© Simon Holt, 1985

Lunas Zauberschein by Goethe (English translation)

Dusk has fallen from above and already all nearby seems distant,
but first uplifted, sweetly shines the evening star.
Everything falters in indistinctness.
Mist steals through the heavens.
Black deep, gloomy like a mirror sleeps the lake.
Now in the east I feel the moon’s glow.
The hairy branches of slender willows play on the nearest water.
Across the play of agitated shadows trembles Luna’s magic light
and through the eyes the coolness gently steals into the heart.