• organ [ad lib]
  • 15 min

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Salvator mundi
Psalm 23
Requiem aeternam 1
Psalm 121
Requiem aeternam 2
I heard a voice from Heaven

The Requiem grew out of sketches for Howells's acknowledged masterpiece - Hymnus Paradisi. This had a long gestation period between 1936 and 1950 when it was first performed, but not so long as this work which was only released in 1980.

The inspiration for this work, as for Hymnus, lay in the death at the age of nine of his only son Michael. It was an emotional and spiritual safety-valve for Howells who in this Requiem has created some of the most sublime music since Palestrina; and what can only be described as the vocal equivalent of Vaughan Williams's Tallis Fantasia.

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Requiem: Salvator mundi
Requiem: Psalm 23
Requiem aeternam (1)
Requiem: Psalm 121
Requiem aeternam (2)
Requiem: I Heard a Voice from Heaven



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