• Brian Elias
  • Solo, from The Judas Tree (1991)

  • Chester Music Ltd (World)
  • steel pan
  • 6 min

Programme Note

THE JUDAS TREE, which was commissioned by the Royal Opera House for Sir Kenneth MacMillan and the Royal Ballet, was completed in July 1991 and was first performed at the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden, in March 1992.

The music for this SOLO incorporates the main solo for steel pan form the score (Variation 5), as well as including the rearranging material form different parts of the piece, notably the large slow section.

I am greatly indebted to SIMON LIMBRICK, who gave me much invaluable help and advice in preparing not only the original material, but also this Solo, which he persuaded me to write.

SOLO was first performed by Simon Limbrick at Darlington School of Music in August 1993.

Brian Elias


Brian Elias: Solo, from The Judas Tree