Toy Instruments:

Cuckoo (doubling guard's whistle)
Whistle in C sharp minor (Doubling Nightingale)
Trumpet in F (playing four notes)
Trumpet in C (one note)
Trumpet in G (one note)
3 Dulcimers: F & C (one player); D & A (one player); B flat & F (one player)
Triangle (one player)
Cymbals (one player)
Drum (one player)

  • 12 toy inst/pf/str
  • 10 min

Programme Note

1. Allegro
2. Allegretto
3. Vivace

The premiere of this symphony took place on 28th November 1957 in the Savoy Hotel, London, at a fund-raising dinner for the Musicians Benevolent Fund, to which it is dedicated. The composer directed and the performers included Eileen Joyce, Eric Coates, Joseph Cooper, Gerard Hoffnung and Thomas Armstrong, chairman to the Fund 1970-1979.


Toy Symphony, Op. 62: I. Allegro
Toy Symphony, Op. 62: II. Allegretto
Toy Symphony, Op. 62: III. Vivace