There is also a purely orchestral version of this piece called 'My Own Garden'. Please contact Lupus Films at, for information about licensing the animated film that accompanies this music.

  • 2222/2220/timp.perc/
  • narrator
  • 22 min

Programme Note

Film Synopsis

In this enchanting tale, one of Wilde’s best known, a Selfish Giant is transformed by the innocent love of children. The story begins with the giant returning after having spent seven years away to find children playing in his garden. Angry that the children are trespassing, he banishes them from his property. Yet, when the children go, so do the Spring and the Summer seasons, leaving the garden in a perpetual Winter. One day the giant sees that Spring has finally arrived in his garden only to discover that this is because the children have snuck back in. The giant begins to see the error of his ways. - Provided by Lupus Films


The Fairy Tale of the Selfish Giant


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