• Elizabeth Maconchy
  • Piccola Musica (1980)

  • Chester Music Ltd (World)

Commissioned by the Cheltenham Festival

  • vln.vla.vc
  • 17 min

Programme Note

There is a world of differences between writing a String Trio and a String Quartet- just how different it is may only be realised by those who, like me, have done both.

After writing twelve String Quartets over the years, I have found it stimulating and intriguing to try my hand at a Trio and to discover the differences in texture, the new kind of ideas that it generates, and above all the different ‘‘feel’’ of it. I hope that some of the enjoyment I have had in writing it may be reflected in the music.

PICCOLA MUSICA is in five short movements, independent of each other, apart from the ‘’tie-up’’ between numbers I and V. The texture is in the main contrapuntal, though less consistently so than in my Quartets, and the mood is more relaxed.

The five ‘’piccoli movimenti’’ are:

I Allegro moderato
II Andante
III Moderato
IV Poco lento
V Allegro moderato- meno mosso-allegro moderato: in its end is its beginning.

Elizabeth Maconchy
May 1981

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