• Lennox Berkeley
  • Castaway (1966)

  • Chester Music Ltd (World)

Designed as a companion-piece to A Dinner Engagement

  • 1(pic).1(ca).2+bcl.12110perchp.pfstr
  • SATB
  • 2 Baritones, Bass, Mezzo Soprano, 3 Sopranos
  • 1 hr

Programme Note


The story is based on Homer’s Odyssey and tells how Odysseus is cast up after a storm on to an island where he meets Nausicaa, a princess. She falls in love with him but for reasons of etiquette cannot ask him his identity until he has dined at the palace. That evening, on hearing a blind minstrel sing of the ‘Trojan Horse’, Odysseus reveals who
he is. On the following day, he must sail for Ithaca to his beloved wife Penelope. Nausicaa is greatly disappointed.