• Robert Saxton
  • Piccola Musica per Luigi Dallapiccola (1981)

  • Chester Music Ltd (World)
  • fl.ob/pf(cel)/va/vc

Programme Note

Piccola Musica per Luigi Dallapiccola was written in 1981 at eth request of Jan Latham-Koenig. The title refers to Dallapiccola’s own Piccola Musica Notturna which is, in its turn of course, an Italian version of Eine Kleine Nachtmusik. Scored for flute, oboe, piano doubling celesta, viola and cello, the piece opens with a little oboe melody accompanied by bell-like resonances on the piano; this leads into a chorale-like passage which heralds a series of accelerating episodes all governed by a ‘Hauptrhythmus’. After the fastest section has been reached, there is an altered re-statement of the tiny choral alongside an abbreviated recapitulation of the opening oboe melody.

The first performance was given at the 1981 Montepulciano Festival by the Koening Ensemble under the direction of Jan Latham-Koening.

© Robert Saxton