• Gualtiero Dazzi
  • S'abriter dans les plis du vent (1994)

  • Chester Music Ltd (World)
  • Soprano/clarinet
  • 8 min

Programme Note

S'abriter dans les plis du vent (1994)
for soprano and clarinet in B flat
Text by Roberto Juarroz

Drama - theatrical situation - poetry.

Beyond the artifice, the theatrical situation that moves me is that which has someone seeking the words to express it...

Meaning - essence.

What more than language in itself creates this situation?
What is closer to the essence of language than poetry?
And what more than poetry - which looks at its own existence - is closer to meaning?

And now is Juarroz's turn to say it:

But any poem is but a mumbling
Under the endless mumbling of the stars.

© Gualtiero Dazzi, July 1994

S'abriter dans les plis du vent (1994)
for soprano and clarinet in B flat
Text by Roberto Juarroz

The libretto is completed.
Only the improvisation remains to be done.

But all the themes are exhausted
and we could be without a theme.
Although there is always one:
the environs of death.

And perhaps shall we find there
all the other themes.
Even another libretto.

Or the purest of resonances:
an improvisation that ignores the theme.

(Small occupations.)
Unwilling to save anybody,
not even oneself.
(Not unveiling the occult
nor counting the number of revelations.)
Further ousting utopias.

(Small occupations.)
Erasing all traces,
letting a shadow pass,
reading a yellowed text in silence,
(scattering the garden leaves
as if they were petals,
healing the cracks in the walls,)
collecting the parables of water,
sheltering in the wrinkles of the wind.

Being only the discreet artisan
who gathers a few words
(to put on the things we forget
and reveal in them the meeting
with a few colors with no tie.)

(The faint consistencies of the world
always start up in corners.)
And the forgotten things
detain the only signals.

Excerpt from "Thirteenth vertical poetry" by Roberto Juarroz
The bracketed verses are not set to music.