• acn/vn.vc
  • 15 min

Programme Note

I. Oscuro misterioso ma calmo
II. Immobile, leggerissimo
III. Moderatamente "espressivo" : vibrando ma non patetico
IV. Quiet, dolcissimo e senza movimento

'All'alba della trasparenza' was composed during the first half of December 1995 at the Royaumont Abbey in the context of a residency granted by the Royaumont Foundation, with the privilege of working in the abbey's splendid library. Who knows? That might have influenced the music, which is permeated with the calmness and silence that prevail within those thick and immutable walls. It is hard to say and maybe it does not matter. The other side of silence lies in the homage I wish to pay to Morton Feldman through this piece.

The title derives from the following poem by Roberto Juarroz from his 'Ninth Vertical Poetry':

To inaugurate transparency
To see through a body, an idea,
a love, madness
to distinguish the other side with no obstacle,
to go right through
the stubborn illusion to be something.
Not only gazing through the rock
but also coming out from its back.

And even more:
to inaugurate transparency
is to suppress one side and the other
and eventually find the center.
And it is the ability to end the quest,
because it is no longer necessary,
because a thing ceases to interfere,
because this side and the other are united.

To inaugurate transparency
is to find yourself in your own place.

'All'alba della Trasparenza' is dedicated to my wife Bettina, who was carrying our first child while I composed this piece.

© Gualtiero Dazzi