• Gualtiero Dazzi
  • Sable - in memoriam Edmond Jabès (1991)
    (Sable - in memoriam Edmond Jabes)

  • Chester Music Ltd (World)
  • fl.cl/hn/perc/vn.va.vc
  • 13 min

Programme Note

Sable - in memoriam Edmond Jabès (1991 - revised 1997)
for flute, clarinet, horn, percussion, violin, viola, cello

The rolling ocean embraces the sky with its leaping questions.
You will bathe in an exhausted sea all in the water's passivity

Shadows without shadows,
light without light
are the traces of forgetfulness
and here, the mystery of the path.

The life and death of the sand are but one view of day and night freed from time to which the desert is the cradle and last bed.

There are instants that appear and disappear instantly.
They will never be taken into account.

Eternity is questionless.

Eternity is behind time.

The whole time is contained in a glance.
Infinity opens our eyes, the instant closes them again.
Only in forgetfulness is there eternity.

The tiniest stone is bathed in infinity.

All the memory of the world is in a grain of sand.

Edmond Jabès

I wanted to make this commemorative poem by Edmond Jabès (fundamental thinker of self-questioning on writing) into an autobiographical piece, a musical autobiography. At first glance, it is a jerky yet very articulate writing, the evolution of which, on its combinatory axis, is interrupted by a more retained time that intermingles with the previous time, and in so doing refrains the surge, already foretelling the inexorable course: a path toward a time deprived of its possible objectivity (pulsation-clock), this music is but inner duration; eternally facing the issue of its own future, it seeks to affect the imponderable territory of the soul.

Sable - in memoriam Edmond Jabès is dedicated to Dominique My and Ensemble Fa who premiered it.

© Gualtiero Dazzi, Paris 1991