• Cello/pf
  • 10 min

Programme Note

After writing the first sketch for Kinetics in August 1988, Lindberg felt the need to produce a more modest work before continuing with the big orchestra piece. But Moto was not to be finally completed until the spring of 1990.
Like Kinetics, the piece is mainly concerned with different types of movement, on the rhythmic and harmonic levels; he therefore decided to write a duo for Tuija Hakkila and Anssi Karttunen, using certain archetypes of movement parallel to those in Kinetics. The piece is sub-divided into fourteen sections, each of which displays the same material in a different configuration. It follows a harmonic progression, like a rondo, which is articulated differently with each repetition. According to Lindberg: "Moto is certainly one of the most virtuoso pieces I have ever written. It is, naturally, dedicated to Tuija Hakkila and Anssi Karttunen." Moto was first performed by these two musicians at the Musicora exhibition in Paris in April 1991, during a short concert devoted to Lindberg's works, which also included Stroke, Twine and Steamboat Bill Jr.
© Risto Nieminen, 1993