• Michael Nyman
  • The Fall of Icarus (1992)

  • Chester Music Ltd (World)

Television veriosn of the stage work presented by La RTBF in conjunction with le Plan K:
directed by Thomas de Norre and Jacques Bourton
Unavailable for performance.

  • Michael Nyman Band

Programme Note


Derived from the famous, enigmatic painting by Brueghel the Elder Landscape with Fall of Icarus, this work is the fruit of Nyman’s close collaboration with two other artists working in different media and with different horizons: the Belgian Frédéric Flamand (concept and direction) and the Italian Fabrizio Plessi (design and video sculptures). Nine ctor/dancers – nine Icaruses – present a polyphony of electric images, music, choreography, video constructions, contrasting actions and dumb shows: a reminder of neverending human folly, powers of creation and desire and metaphysical terror