• Michael Nyman
  • Viola and Piano (1995)

  • Chester Music Ltd (World)

Commissioned by the Wigmore Hall (with funding from the London Arts Board)

  • Violapf

Programme Note

Commissioned for the Hindermith Viola Festival and Kim Kashkashian and written during the summer of 1995, Viola and Piano is the third in an erratic series of virtuoso works for solo instrument and piano.

The first - Shaping the Curve for soprano saxophone - was written for John Harle in 1990 and the second, Flugelhorn and Piano, for Graham Aston in 1991.

Each tends to be a single, multi-tempo movement, lasting around ten minutes, and explores ( in a not particularly thorough fashion) the potential of the material presented at the beginning of the piece. In Viola and Piano, part from the slow waltz some two thirds of the way through, the piano is based exclusively on the asymmetrical opening rhythm.