• Geoffrey Burgon
  • Robin Hood (1991)

  • Chester Music Ltd (World)

Director: John Irvin
Unavailable for performance.

Programme Note

A legendary outlaw and ultimate hero, Robin Hood has been a favourite of storytellers and their audiences for hundreds of years.

The popularity of the myth has never waned, and now Robin Hood returns to the screen in a thrilling new version of this timeless story blending acting, adventure and romance with a unique look at the ‘real’ man behind the legend.

In the divided England of the twelfth century, the Normans rule with an iron hand and the downtrodden Saxons defy them at their peril. Only one man dares to oppose the Norman tyranny. After clashing with the powerful, but ruthless Sir Miles Folcanet, in an attempt to save the life of a poacher, Robert Hode, Earl of Huntingdon, is branded an outlaw, thus forfeiting both his lands and title to the throne.

Living outside the law and concealing his identity with the new name of Robin Hood, he becomes a great hero to the Saxon people. But when his beloved Maid Marian is about to be forced into marriage with his greatest enemy, Robin must embark on his boldest exploit yet!