Commissioned by Tomoko Yazawa

  • Piano
  • 7 min

Programme Note

This piece is constructed from seven short parts. B flat and E are used as axes throughout the work. A glassy, solid sound is required: like a cold, crystal sound sculpture.

Since I composed 'Crystalline' in 1988 I have wanted to project the image of crystal onto sound. A link and a further development from 'Crystalline' can be seen in the later pieces: 'Hommage en Cristal' (1991) for solo piano and strings, 'Metallic Crystal' (1994-95) for solo percussionist and computer and 'Crystalline II' (1995) for solo piano.

'Crystalline' was commissioned by Tomoko Yazawa, who gave the first performance in Tokyo on 7th September 1988.

© Karen Tanaka


Crystalline II