Written for Helga Ingólfsdóttir, harpsichord

  • Harpsichord
  • 3 min

Programme Note

'Strönd' was written especially for the Icelandic harpsichordist Helga Ingólfsdóttir, who gave the first performance in Skálhalt, Iceland in 1982. During April and May 1988, 'Strönd' was rewritten, and it is presented here in a new and greatly shortened version.

'Strönd' is a virtuosic piece in one continuous movement, based on repeated patterns which gradually develop and expand towards a considerable climax, followed immediately by a short coda.

The music reflects the visual pleasure of watching the ever-changing interplay between sea and light as seen and enjoyed on numerous occasions from the large studio window in Ms Ingólfsdóttir’s house. The house is named Strönd and is situated on an expansive peninsula south of Reykjavik.

* Strönd literally means a coast or a shore

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