• John Tavener
  • Mandelion (1981)

  • Chester Music Ltd (World)

Commissioned by the Dublin International Organ Festival

  • Organ
  • 24 min

Programme Note

The first performance of Mandelion was given by Peter Sweeney at St Patrick's Cathedral, Dublin on Sunday 27 June 1982. This work was specially commissioned for the 1982 Dublin International Organ Festival by RHM Foods (Ireland) Limited and the Performing Rights Society.

The Greek word Mandelion literally means 'handkerchief' but in iconography it refers to the Ikon 'not made with hands', which is equivalent to the idea of the shroud. My organ piece is a meditation upon the changing and distorting images of Christ.

The music should be played freely and with great sweep - much of it is unbarred and often the note values give only an indication of the music, as in chant. I have shown a few ideas for registration as a guide to performance, but naturally these can be varied at the discretion of the performer.

John Tavener