For Mikael Helasvuo

  • Alto Flute
  • 9 min

Programme Note

Couleurs du vent is an improvisation over the material of Cendres for alto flute, cello and piano (1998). For years I listened to the solo part of my double concerto ...à la fumée for alto flute and cello, always planning to explore it again. I particularly wanted to focus on the flute's palette of flat and noisy colours. The material of Cendres - which was still vivid in my mind since I had just finished the piece - was the starting point for a feverish writing process. The piece arose within a few days as I went through great emotions during my first days in France after one year spent in Finland. In the face of a fatal disease in my family, the blowing of the wind became the symbol of life to me, and the piece became a story of breathing…