• fl(pic).cl(bcl)/perc/pf(cel)/vn
  • mezzo soprano, tenor, baritone, 2 dancers, mime
  • 50 min

Programme Note

This Tarot-based work goes beyond the modern interpretation of the cards to their classical roots, yet is firmly grounded in the London bus route of the title, from Liverpool Street to Hammersmith. An initiate can work out the Ancient Greek connections and the significance of this particular sequence of cards, the place references along the road etc, but first and foremost the work is a parade of the more unusual people one sees on a bus, with (almost) a sacrificial death and a corrupt resurrection forming the linchpins of the dramatic structure. There is one topographical liberty – on this route, no block of flats exists that is quite like the one described by the High Priestess/Charlady!


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